How to Use Oval Makeup Brushes?

June 03, 2018

How to Use Oval Makeup Brushes?

Beginner's Guide to Oval Makeup Brushes

How do you use oval makeup brushes? How are oval makeup brushes different from normal makeup brushes? Should you get a set of oval makeup brushes? We're proud to bring you our beginner's guide to Oval Makeup Brushes where all the questions you have about these toothbrush looking oval makeup brushes will be answered! 

These unique and super soft makeup brushes revolutionized the way traditional makeup brushes are used and once you try them, we guarantee that you'll be... hooked

What are oval makeup brushes? 

Oval makeup brushes are designed to flawlessly apply your makeup with the least amount of effort. Each oval makeup brush is compactly packed with hundreds of fine bristles to create a soft and dense surface that makes applying your foundation, blush, highlighter, concealer etc super easy. The dense surface also allow for smooth application of makeup over your face and neck for that impeccable finish.  

 Difference between oval makeup brushes and traditional makeup brushes

Difference between normal makeup brushes and oval makeup brushes

How do you use Oval Makeup Brushes? 

A full set of oval makeup brushes comes in 10 different brushes. You can either purchase them individually or in a set of 10 brushes.

In general, in a full set of 10 oval makeup brushes, there are 5 oval shaped brushes, 3 elongated brushes and 2 small round brushes. We'll be breaking down each oval brush for you so that the next time you pick up your oval makeup brush, you'll know exactly how to use them! 

Differences between the 10 oval makeup brushes - Frontal view and Side view

3 Minutes Quick Tutorial: Decoding Each Oval Makeup Brush! 

Watch this 3 minute tutorial by Emmie Taylor as she takes us through all these 10 different oval brushes and how we can use them in our daily makeup regime!  


How to use each Oval Makeup Brushes - Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brush Set 10 pieces

Brush A: Foundation
Packed with over 100,000 synthetic fibers, Brush A Oval Makeup Brush is your perfect makeup brush for applying liquid and cream foundation over your face. The big surface area of the brush allows you to quickly & effortlessly apply foundation in circular motions. If you are rushing for time, this brush is also perfect to apply setting powder and bronzing powder due to its large surface area. 

Brush B: Bronzer, Foundation 
This brush is great to apply your bronzer for that perfect contour that you are looking for! Apply a small amount of bronzer liquid, cream or powder below your cheeks, near your hairline and also at your jawline, and use your Brush B Oval Makeup Brush to brush gently in soft circular moves to blend your contours. Oval brushes are excellent choices for contouring as their dense and compact shape allow the fibers to move right into the hollows of your cheekbone and along the curves of your forehead and jawline. This brush can also be used to apply your foundation.

Brush C: Blush 
This smaller size oval makeup brush can be used to apply blusher to your cheeks for that radiant healthy look! Dab a small amount of blusher (cream, liquid or powder) on your cheeks and use your Brush C Oval Makeup Brush to blend the colors in. 

Brush D: Concealer, Blush 
The size of this oval makeup brush makes it perfect to blend concealer to highlight your features. Apply a small amount of concealer under your eyes, on the bridge of your nose, in between your eyes etc and use your Brush D Oval Makeup Brush to blend them in. 

Brush E: Highlighter
Use your Brush E Oval Makeup Brush to apply highlighter on parts of your face that you'd like to bring out! When using pressed highlighters, gently brush your Brush E Oval Makeup Brush over the highlighter and blend it directly onto your face. For liquid and cream highlighters, dab a small amount directly onto your face and use your Brush E to blend in small circular motions. 

Brush F: Contour
For that extra contour, use your Brush F Contour Oval Brush to add that definition to your face. Draw short lines below your cheek bones, along your jawbones and below your hairline with your contour colors and use this brush to blend the colors in. If you'd like to ensure that everything is blended smoothly, grab the oval makeup brush that you used for foundation and blend softly to create that flawless smooth look.  

Brush G: Eyeshadow
The thin & flat bristles of Oval Brush G allows you to apply and blend your eyeshadow makeup with precision. Be flexible when blending your eyeshadow by moving your brush horizontally or vertically to achieve the multi-layered look.  Together with Brush J, you can create your perfect eye makeup look with these 2 brushes! 

Brush H: Lipstick, Lip-gloss 
This brush is perfectly designed for you to apply your lip color quickly and accurately. The flat brush design allows you to color your lip while maintaining your perfect lip shape. The long brush head also helps you to apply lip color with just a few strokes!

Brush I: Concealer
This brush has a flat head that allows you to blend your concealer evenly on your face. Dab a small amount of concealer on areas that you'd like more coverage and blend with little effort to give the maximum protection. 

Brush J: Lipstick, Lip-gloss, Eyeshadow 
Brush J Oval Makeup Brush has a conical head for applying eyeshadow or lipgloss. The conical head allows you to blend with care especially for small areas of skin. For example, if you'd like to add some highlight color or glitters to the corner of your eyes, you can use this conical compact brush for the precision and ease of use! 

Makeup Tutorial: Glam makeup look using Oval Makeup Brushes! 



Oval makeup brushes, with their super soft and dense bristles, are very easy to use and get used to. If there is 1 set of makeup brushes that you need, it is definitely our Oval Makeup brushes! And as we said in the beginning, once you try these oval makeup brushes... the ultra dense and softness of these brushes will have you hooked!  

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Credit: Follow Emmie Taylor on her YouTube here.