iEasy®Magnetic False EyeLashes

iEasy® Magnetic Lashes are False Eyelashes that can be easily put on with a few clips of magnet and none of that mess from lash glue.  Because of its unique design, the iEasy® Lashes are very natural looking false eyelashes that are also comfortable for long duration of wear without any fall-off.

Choose from 2 exclusive designs & transform your look easily with these handmade magnetic lashes that compliments any look: 

1. Design KS01 - Luxurious Full Eyelashes
2. Design 24P - Elegant Eyelashes


  • Time Saver - Fits on in seconds (no dirty glue or adhesives needed)
  • Magnetic Hi-Tech® - Secures your Magnetic eyelashes in place until you are ready to remove it. It will NOT fall and you will not feel them at all.
  • Super-Easy to apply - Smudge Proof, no messy glue to ruin your eyeliner or your makeup.
  • Ultra-lightweight Technology - You won't even know that your iEasy® Lashes are put on!

Delivery Time
Order Processing: 1 - 3 Business Days 
Worldwide Delivery: 7 - 14 Business Days

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