Perfect 10 Contour Makeup Brushes (10pcs) - Black


If you've always wanted that perfect contour makeup, then this Perfect 10 Contour Makeup Brushes in gorgeous full black, then this is for you! This set of makeup brushes contain all the essential makeup brushes that allow you to contour and blend like a queen!! 

Made with grade A synthetic fibres for durability & smooth application. 100% vegan & cruelty-free. 

Brush 1: Flat Foundation Brush 
Brush 2: Bevel Foundation Brush 
Brush 3: Conical Foundation Brush 
Brush 4: Flat Bevel Foundation Brush 
Brush 5: Round Head Foundation Brush 
Brush 6: Round Blending Eye Brush 
Brush 7: Flat Blending Eye Brush 
Brush 8:  Flat Bevel Blending Eye Brush 
Brush 9: Bevel Blending Eye Brush
Brush 10: Conical Blending Eye Brush

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