Perfect 10 Contour Makeup Brushes (10pcs) - Black Blue


If you've always wanted that perfect contour makeup, then this Perfect 10 Contour Makeup Brushes in gorgeous black handle & blue-black fibres, then this is for you! This set of makeup brushes contain all the essential makeup brushes that allow you to contour and blend like a queen!! 

Made with grade A synthetic fibres for durability & smooth application. 100% vegan & cruelty-free. 

Brush 1: Flat Foundation Brush 
Brush 2: Bevel Foundation Brush 
Brush 3: Conical Foundation Brush 
Brush 4: Flat Bevel Foundation Brush 
Brush 5: Round Head Foundation Brush 
Brush 6: Round Blending Eye Brush 
Brush 7: Flat Blending Eye Brush 
Brush 8:  Flat Bevel Blending Eye Brush 
Brush 9: Bevel Blending Eye Brush
Brush 10: Conical Blending Eye Brush

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