Ambassador Invitation Letter

Hi Gorgeous ūüėä!¬†

Thank you so much for your interest in our Simple Glam Girls Ambassador Program! My name is Jamie and I'm in charge of our ambassador program. We'd like to invite you to join us and be an affiliate promoter for our ambassador program! 

We currently recruiting affiliate ambassadors from the following countries - US, UK, Australia, Canada & New Zealand! If you are from the above-mentioned countries, please read on. If you are not, please come back & contact us again in future when we expand our search! 

We've launched our Range of Affordable & Premium Makeup Brushes Collection and are looking to invest heavily in marketing them over the next few months and that is why we decided on this Ambassador Program. If you take a look at our website and click 'Makeup Brushes', you can see the collection with prices ranging from $69 - 129 USD. We're giving away a set of our Makeup Brushes (worth $69 - 129 USD) for just international shipping & handling fee. We just ask that you tag us in 1 post on your Instagram or other social media channels when you receive your brush set. In order to cater to worldwide shipping, we ship our products directly from our international warehouse in Hong Kong. 

If you are not interested in the ambassador program, that's alright as we want have identified you as a talent and would love for you to review our makeup brushes. You can take advantage of this great ambassador free brush set and get yourself a premium set of makeup brushes for just the shipping & handling fee. All we ask for is for you to tag us and give us a shoutout after you receive your brush set. 

As mentioned, we offer a brand ambassador program where you can make an income from promoting our makeup and beauty tools if you wish to promote them on your social media channels. Below is more information on the ambassador program should you be interested to participate. 

You will get a FREE set of Makeup Brushes and just pay for international shipping and handling fee as I mentioned above. 
After that, we will create a coupon code for your followers to save 20% off store wide in our online store. We will still be launching new products so there will be plenty of items that you can share with your followers to purchase. 

Be Rewarded in Cash! 
If you sell any item in our store, you will be entitled to the following commission rewards below: 
  • $20 USD cash commission for any purchase of regular price makeup brush set¬†
  • 20% cash commission for all other products including our new SlayX Cosmetics brand¬†¬†

These cash commission will be paid directly to you via Paypal . Many of our ambassadors have earn a steady income using our affiliate program when promoting our high quality brushes and with our new SlayX brand launched, it is never a better time to join us! 

  1. Select your desired brush set & checkout the item:
    (This link is only for ambassadors so please do not share it) 
  2. Type in your mailing address and proceed to calculate your international shipping & handling fees. Depending on your location, international shipping & handling ranges from $19 - $25 USD from Hong Kong. 
  3. Checkout at PayPal to complete your order (You can pay using PayPal or credit/debit cart)
  4. Your order will be processed in 1-3 days and delivery will take about 7 - 14 business days. 

** You are entitled to purchase up to 3 sets of FREE makeup brushes as an ambassador. If you will be running giveaways soon or thinking of gifting your girlfriends, this will be a good opportunity to take advantage of this great deal! **

Note: Orders placed on Friday will be processed the following week and please expect slower communication on weekends 

Shipping time estimate: 
- Australia (by Australia Post): 7 - 10 Business Days 
- United States (by DHL/USPS): 8 - 14 Business Days 
- Canada (by Canada Post): 6 - 12 Business Days 
- New Zealand (by DHL): 8 - 14 Business Days 
- Europe (by DHL): 8 - 14 Business Days 
The above is the estimated shipping time if there are no delays by customs or any holidays etc. In some cases, shipping time may exceed the above estimate and this is beyond our control and we seek your patience and understanding on this. 

Many bloggers find it a challenge to monetize their social media accounts and we want to provide an easy way for you! Just to help you visualize the potential of making an income from your fashion/beauty blogging journey. If you are an established blogger with a lot of followers on your social media account, you are likely to sell 1 - 10 items per post and that is equivalent to anything between $20 - $400 extra income. If you are just starting to build your followers, you may wish to post more regularly with video tutorials on how to use these makeup brushes, you are likely to sell more items and that will jut be a multiplier of the amount calculated above. So it's really up to you what you want to make out of the Ambassador Program. We are always open to support you to make you successful. 

If you wish to drop out of the program at any point in time, you may do so and do not have to return the makeup brushes as they are yours to keep. There is no sales quota or minimum posts required per month and all we ask for is 1 shoutout (& Tag us) when you receive your brush set. 

If you are not interested in helping us grow Simple Glam Girls as a brand ambassador, we can still send you a set Makeup Brushes for free & you just have to pay for shipping & handling fee with no strings attached. We love to see you enjoying your makeup with these premium makeup brushes. 

Thank you for your time and we look forward to having you join us soon! 
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me! 

Commonly Asked Questions: 
1. Can I get a SlayX Palettes instead to join the ambassador program? 
Currently, our ambassador program starts with our premium makeup brushes and once you join us as an ambassador, you can enjoy an exclusive discount to order your SlayX Cosmetic products at a huge discount! 
2. Why do I need to pay for shipping & handling? 
This is an affiliate program where we offer our premium makeup brush set for free and also offer an attractive commission of $20 USD per order for you. Hence, in view of this, we cannot also subsidize the international shipping & handling fee and we seek your understanding in this. If you sell 1 set of regular price makeup brushes, you will be able to get back the shipping & handling fee so this is a self-paying reward scheme that is easy for you to promote. 
3. What is the international shipping & handling fee? 
Depending on your location, international shipping & handling fee is about $19 - $25 USD. In order to cater to worldwide customers, we are shipping all our products from our international warehouse in Hong Kong. 

Jamie @SimpleGlamGirls 

Private & Confidential Terms - This document is only meant to be shared with the recipient of this invitation and should not be shared with anyone else. If you are no the direct recipient of this invitation, please exit this document/webpage immediately.